Accommodation plan fee

Meal plan          1 night for adults              1 night for child
(3~12years old)
Breakfast only \5,500 \4,500
Dinner+Breakfast \9,500 \6,500
(included Children set A )
Dinner+Breakfast+Lunch \11,000 \7,700
(Dinner:Children set A 
Lunch:Children curry)

※Prices are tax-excluded.

■Check-out of Dinner+Breakfast+Lunch plan

Hair Dryer, yukata, towel and toothbrush are available.
※Razors are sold at the shop for 150 yen (tax included).
※Face towels are sold at the shop for 150 yen (tax included).

Karaoke (2 hours)

Usage plan             Usage fee
中広間(Middle banquet hall) \2,500
大広間(Large banquet hall) \4,000

※Prices are tax-excluded.

The above rates are for guests staying or using meals over \4,000.
※There is an extension fee every 30 minutes after 2 hours.

Banquet fee

Kaiseki cuisine           Tsubakizen , Wazen , Kotobukizen , Miyabizen  \4,000~
Hot pot dishes Chinjyu pot , Yose pot , Shabu-shabu , Boar pot \4,000~
Sukiyaki You can also enjoy Yamato beef. \5,000~
Sashimi Enjoy fresh sea and river ingredients. \10,000~

※Prices are tax-excluded.

【Banquet hours】 Noon・・11:30~15:00/Night・・17:00~21:00

Drink price


Menu             Price
Coffee(HOT) \300
Ice coffee \300
Tea(HOT) \300
Ice tea \300
100%fresh bullberryjuice \450
Bullberry hot lemon \400
Bullberry hot lemon lemonade \550
Bullberry milkfloat \550

※Prices are tax-excluded.

Drinks at banquet, lunch, breakfast, dinner

Menu             Price
Bottled beer \600
Draft beer \600
Plum wine \400
Non-alcoholic beer \400
Cola \250
Orange juice \250
Oolong Tea \250
Chuhai(lemon,peach,lime) \450
Local sake(升) \550
Sake(large) \800
Sake(small) \550
Bottle of Shochu(720ml) \2,000
Coffee \300
Tea \300

※Prices are tax-excluded.

Cancellation policy

4-7 days before
Plan             Cancellation charge
Banquet 20% of the fee
Lodging 20% of the fee
2-3 days before
Plan             Cancellation charge
Banquet 50% of the fee
Lodging 50% of the fee
The day before
Plan             Cancellation charge
Banquet 70% of the fee
Lodging 70% of the fee
On the day
Plan             Cancellation charge
Banquet 100% of the fee
Lodging 100% of the fee